Speed Up With a Sonic Series SSD

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Sonic Series SSD adopts the low-density parity-check algorthm (LDPC).
By implementing the controller's LDPC error-correcting technology, this extends the drive's endurance with TLC Flash as much as 33%. The blazing-fast writes are achieved by intelligently treating certain memory cells as premium single-level-cell NAND for maximum speed.

Our SSDs operates more efficiently than your traditional hard drive. The Sonic Series
consumes less power, which extends your system's battery life.


Our dedicated eningeers work closely with high-grade chip manufacturers to develop solutions
particular to your needs. Black Diamond SSDs are already an industry-leading product,
and with out customized proprietary firmware, your SSD will provide superior performance at
consistent speeds for years to come.

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