About Us

Black Diamond Memory

Black Diamond Memory is proud to provide our premier DRAM Memory products and Server Parts to our valued distributors and resellers. With decades of experience specializing in memory and server parts, Black Diamond Memory is a proven manufacturer in the industry. Our products currently support over 200,000 configurations as well as support for enterprise servers, desktops, laptops, and a large variety of other devices. 

With one of the best “BD DNA” and most in-depth “BD Upgrade Configurator” using the latest technology, Black Diamond Memory is able to provide our clients the whole end-to-end solution including marketing, large & precise inventory, technical support, and warranty issues. The on-going effort of our Research and Development team ensures that our products and database continue to expand and improve to server our clients’ needs.

The Black Diamond Memory Difference

All of our products are engineered to meet or exceed the industry standard system specifications of Apple, DELL, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle/Sun, and SuperMicro; and are vigorously tested to ensure top quality for our clients while staying competitively priced.

Top Quality components with Lifetime Warranty:

Black Diamond Memory only uses top quality components, period. Throughout our decades of experience on product development, our R&D team found that poor product design or poor quality of components used will ultimately lead to poor product quality. Although poor product design is typically easy to determine during the final stage of our Quality Assurance, poor quality of components is difficult to diagnose as it sometimes takes time for the product to start failing. Thus, Black Diamond Memory vows to use only the highest quality components for our products to ensure durability and reliability for our customers. Each memory chip that leaves Black Diamond Memory comes with a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our products with the customer’s satisfaction in mind and guarantee that they are free of defects in material and workmanship.

Perfect design specifications:

Each product has its own perfect design specifications that optimize its performance and quality. At Black Diamond Memory, we meet or exceed OEM specifications so that your device could perform at its full potential. Using innovative, high quality solutions with some of the most reputable manufacturers, we design and build our products that exceed ISO 9001 (assembly), ISO 14001 (environmental), and UL2054 (pack quality) standard. Each Black Diamond Memory product will function seamlessly with your device.

“BD DNA”, “BD Upgrade Configurator”, Compatibility/Quality is always guaranteed

Black Diamond Memory has always implemented its “BD DNA” system in which every product carries a unique serial number to help us track everything including the source of the components that were being used, manufacturing procedures, QA check date, compatibility with our “BD Upgrade Configurator”, and customer support issues. By using our “BD Upgrade Configurator”, you can be sure to find the right product every time. Combining these two innovations enhances our database even further and continues to improve the quality of our products.